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Red Hat certification offers several professional certifications based on its software products such as operating systems, storage, and cloud-based solutions, and visualization. 

If you have also obtained the Red Hat RHCSA certification (Red Hat Certified System Administrator) and RHCE (Red Hat Certified Engineer), then there are several job opportunities for you out there. 

RHCSA certification helps to get you a system administrator role in any of the reputed organizations you wish. This certification requires excellent and in-depth commanding knowledge and expertise on Linux systems. The course also teaches about security management, shell commands, server management, and managing users, and set passwords for users. So before you start your job hunt, make sure you are qualified for the role. 

Here are the top skills that come with RHCSA certification – 

  • User and group management using the help of an authenticated directory.
  • Maintaining security, firewalls, and SELinux configuration.
  • Know how to install, configure, deploy, and maintain systems along with installing software.
  • Install and configure file systems attributes such as encryption, permission, and others.

Once you successfully gain RHCSA certification, you can opt for other advanced level certification courses from Red Hat such as RHCE, Red Hat Certified Architect (RHCA), and more for gaining a career boost. Pursuing higher certification, especially RHCA, will help you get a top-level job opportunity.

The IT industry is booming with numerous job opportunities for talented and skilled individuals, capable of implementing Red Hat technology to manage servers, security, and storage in the Linux System Enterprise. 

Don’t confuse RHCSA and RHCE

Red Hat Certified System Administrators (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineers (RHCE) are entirely different from one another. Although both focus on the in-depth knowledge of Linux system administration concepts. 

RHCSA certification is the prerequisite of RHCE certification. Both share the same level of the core concept, but the difficulty level varies. Getting RHCSA certification, of course, will be less difficult than RHCE. It covers a wide range of concepts and is important for securing higher-level jobs. 

The only major difference between the two certifications is that RHCE prepares candidates with key roles required in the IT industry, such as system engineer, and senior system engineers. While RHCSA certification prepares individuals for the key role of a system administrator or senior Linux system administrator. 

Here is a brief of both these certifications and job opportunities available today. digital era. 

Red Hat Certified System Administrator Certification (RHCSA)

The RHCSA certification builds the foundation for every IT professional interested in Red Hat. The certification provides the individuals with core system administration skills, vital to the Red Hat Enterprise Linux ecosystem.

It’s the best starting point to learn Linux system administration for every IT candidate. You get to learn the essential yet beginner skills such as configuring and installing Red Hat Enterprise Linux into a system. You also get to learn to run multiple network services. 

Candidates receive the Red Hat Certified System Administrator certification after appearing and passing the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) exam (EX200). This exam is built to test the individual knowledge of system administration across a comprehensive range of deployment scenarios. 

Job Opportunities for RHCSA Certified Candidates

The RHCSA certification gets you the opportunity to be a Linux System Administrator, and with time you go on to secure other high-level roles in the company. 

When powered with long experience and growth in Linux skills and expertise, you can secure higher positions like:

  • Information Systems Engineer
  • Linux Support Systems Engineers
  • Linux Systems Engineer
  • Senior Systems Administrator
  • Linux Systems Engineers, and many others. 

The best-suited jobs roles that come with RHCSA certification – 

The Linux System Administrator 
  • Average Salary – ₹4,60,622
  • Companies Recruiting – IBM, TCS, HCL, Wipro, & Accenture
  • Key Skills Required – MySQL, Shell scripting, Linux, Python, Apache HTTP Server
Systems Administrator 
  • Average Salary – ₹4,20,000
  • Companies Recruiting – IBM, TCS, HCL, Wipro, & others
  • Key Skills Required – Internet Information Server, Windows Operating Systems, Linux, Virtualization, VMware ESX, and others. 
Linux Support Systems Engineers
  • Average Salary – ₹4,00,000
  • Companies Recruiting – Convergys, Hewlett Packard, Tech Mahindra, and others
  • Key Skills Required – Microsoft SQL Server, Unix.
Senior Systems Administrator
  • Average Salary – ₹6,50,000
  • Companies Recruiting – Wipro, Cognizant, CSC, and others. 
  • Key Skills Required – VMware ESX, Windows Support, Linux, and others.
Linux Systems Engineer
  • Average Salary – ₹4,50,000
  • Companies Recruiting – TCS, IBM, Infosys, and others
  • Key Skills Required – Linux, HTML, JAVA, SQL, and others. 

Red Hat Certified Engineer Certification Job Opportunity

The RHCE certification is the advanced and the next level path after RHCSA. You opt for an RHCE credential after filling in the requirement of RHCSA credentials.  

RHCE certification demonstrates advanced skills and in-depth knowledge by senior system administrators. If you are looking for a career with Enterprise Linux servers, then the RHCE credential will gain you a competitive edge. Making RHCE certification the most sought-after in the current digital age. 

The Red Hat Certified Engineer is equipped with hands-on insight into the features and capability of the Linux environment. The entry-level RHCSA designation is Linux System Administrator and systems IT engineer. 

If you continue to progress and grow in the required skill set, then sky’s the limit. Candidates with higher expertise can bank the role of Senior Linux Service Engineer or a Technical Lead Linux Server. RHCE certification offers a gigantic chance for candidates to make it big in the IT industry with hard work and dedication.

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