Containerization with Docker

docker logo with the title-Containerization with docker

Course Overview

Linux2Cloud’s Docker Administration helps you build core knowledge in managing, building docker engine, images. You will be able to build any containerized or Dockerized application.

Topics Covered

  • Installing the Docker Engine
  • Building Docker images
  • Storing and retrieving Docker images from Docker Hub
  • Setup Docker private registry
  • Configure Security and TLS
  • Docker swarm and Docker Compose
  • Networking Docker containers
  • Data persistence with Volumes
  • Using Docker into a Continuous Integration and Deployment process

Who Can be Audience

This Docker Administration course is best suited for System Administrators, Support Engineers, Technical Administrators, and Database Administrators.


  • No Prerequisites for this course
  • Working experience with Linux shells is beneficial but not mandatory

Exam Description

Docker Certified Associate Exam validate technical knowledge with an industry-recognized credential. Our certifications recognize technical skills on the Docker platform.

Exam Format

The online exam consists of a set of multiple choice question to be solved and candidates have 90minutes to complete the exam.

  • 13 multiple choice and 42 discrete option multiple choice (DOMC) questions in 90 minutes
  • Designed to validate professionals with a minimum of 6 to 12 months of Docker experience
  • Remotely proctored on your Windows or Mac computer
  • Available globally in English

Duration: 18 Hours

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