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Cloud computing is one of the most lucrative jobs in India. Plus, cloud computing jobs range from architects, developers to data scientists, and many more from where you can pick what you like the most. With many businesses adopting the cloud in the pandemic, it is opening doors to several career fields. From learning about Google Cloud computing to enhancing your technical skills, communication levels, and network, here’s what you must know before starting a career in cloud computing.

According to the report by Business Insiders, there are 12 listed jobs in cloud computing that pay over $100,000. The average salary for a cloud engineer starts from $120,751, according to Indeed. The great potential of cloud computing has also increased the competition among its candidates. Before you start a great career in cloud clouding, here are the vital skills and information you must know before getting started.

1.Must-Know Programming

A cloud computing professional must have excellent programming skills since their role requires working with various programming languages. Java, PHP, .NET, and Python are some of the programming languages that are required. Each of these languages is capable of performing distinctive tasks. Few new additions to the programming languages are Ruby and Perl. They are open source and becoming quite popular with each passing year.

Knowing many programming languages can help the cloud professional to host and build different applications efficiently. For instance, Python makes various programming tasks simple and efficient with its multiple libraries. While PHP is important for developing cloud computing applications. The benefits of having various coding skills and creating programs are one of the biggest assets of a cloud computing professional. If you are just starting, then Python is the best beginner programming language to learn as it has a simple syntax and doesn’t need any prior coding knowledge.

2.Familiarity with Database Management

Every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of fresh data are added into the world. With databases, companies can easily store and access information easily. As we all know, data is the new oil. The organization wants to understand and utilize the massive amount of collected data. Professionals who can set up, access, and manage databases are naturally in high demand.

A cloud computing professional can easily help an organization by creating and managing cloud-based databases. So if you want to become a cloud professional, you must be familiar with the functionality of databases. Don’t just learn the basics of databases, dig deeper into the related technologies. Programming languages like SQL are great for handling relational database management systems. Some other technologies include MongoDB, Apache Hadoop, and MySQL. If you are familiar with these technologies, then it’s quite enough to start your cloud computing career. For beginners, we’ll recommend learning the fundamentals of databases and SQL.

3.Hands-on Experience with Operating System

Operating systems like Windows, macOS, and Linux are some of the basics that you must be familiar with. Mostly Linux of all, since it’s widely in demand by various companies for cloud computing implementations.

Learning about operating systems for cloud computing is quite simple and easy. If you have prior experience of using a PC or similar devices for quite some time now, you’ll be easily familiar with most of the concepts.

4.Well-Experienced with Cloud Infrastructure

Naturally, you must be familiar with cloud infrastructure. The popular ones including Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud Computing, and Azure. If you are familiar with these cloud solutions, then you are off to a good start. Don’t just be well-versed with a singular cloud solution as multi-cloud solutions are on a rise among several organizations. It helps companies to create the best-in-breed solution and eliminate the chances of relying on a single vendor.

Knowing a mix of both AWS and Azure can secure your chances of landing that dream job position. Some companies can ask for just one but there is plenty of other technical knowledge to gather as well, including Java, Agile, Puppet, Docker, Chef, Ansible, Docker, Azure, and VMware.

If you find it hard to remember all these, just take a cloud computing certification course online. The online certification courses cover all the topics, from fundamentals to the most advanced ones while giving your career a significant boost and increase in credibility. Online training can inform way more than just a few topics we’ve mentioned here.

5.Basics of Cybersecurity

Cybercrimes have significantly increased in these few years, almost 2,244 attacks happen each day. Thus, companies don’t want to risk any of their valuable data from getting hacked or mistreated by cybercriminals. To ensure the cloud storage and cloud-based applications stay safe against malicious crimes and hackers, you must be a bit informed about cybersecurity. As a cloud computing professional, knowing the fundamentals of cybersecurity will do. It helps to save the company from any possible cybersecurity threat and keep it well-protected.

You can start with learning cryptography and encryption which are vital for studying cybersecurity.


Once you are familiar with the basic skills required for cloud computing, you must know how to market yourself in the real world. Build a credible professional network that will prove effective in landing a new job or switch to a better one. Keep in touch with people who are involved in cloud computing and build a deeper and professional network that’s helpful to build your career.

Staying in the network won’t just help you to land better jobs but also help you advance your skillset by recommending great courses and certifications related to the cloud. Follow the footsteps of the best professional in cloud computing and witness your dream becoming a reality.

7.Improve Your Communication

Aside from skills, focus on improving your communication to have better team collaboration and engage deeply in meetings and problem-solving discussions. For instance, a cloud architect has to hold frequent meetings with sales staff, department heads, or their team.


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