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Amazon Web Services or AWS has the largest and most dynamic community, with millions of active customers and thousands of partners all around the world. It provides reliability and security to the users with their decisive products and services.

AWS works on a greater scale and has operational experience of any cloud provider. It uses open source technologies, like Linux Kernel, Xen, and MySQL to build their products.

According to Amazon reports, AWS generated revenue of $75.5 billion in Q1 2020 with 33% compared to a year earlier.

Top 10 Benefits of Learning AWS

Enhancing cloud computing skills is not just beneficial for students but it is also a great option for working employees who want to step up their career. According to Google trends, companies see a lack of skilled  AWS professionals. So, if you want to learn AWS there is no better time to right now.

For your consideration, here are ten reasons why learning AWS and getting a certification will benefit not only students and cloud professionals but also those who want to build a career or improve their business.

1.Global Architecture

When we talk about the service availability of AWS, it has 44 availability zones with 18 geographical regions. It is a global leader in terms of providing cloud services, it is popularly known for its availability zones. Every region is constructed with various availability zones and data centers. There are more availability zones that are under progress and will be available in the future.


Scheduling your services is the benefit provided by AWS to their customers, where you can start and stop your services at any time. You can control your resources and have to pay for the services you are using and can run your service at a particular time. It designs instance scheduler for customer feasibility so that one can schedule their services according to their need. Let’s take an example if you are scheduling services like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) and Relational Database Service (RDS). There is no need to run these services each day. Schedule your service according to the days, you are using it.

3.Consistency & Reliability

AWS is the most reliable and consistent service among other cloud businesses. It provides customers with on-demand cloud computing credits and benefits with the pay-as-you-go method, where a customer can easily build and manage their websites on it. Reliability is one of the best selling points of AWS, in which they have to set multiple backups of servers at different locations. To create a reliable application or website in AWS you are required to learn about it’s consistency models.

4. Pricing

Pricing is the major factor to learn AWS. If we can see, AWS follows two pricing approaches one is a pay-as-you-go approach. In this approach of pricing, one can get flexible pricing options and have to pay for the services you are using. There are no additional charges and deactivation costs in AWS. The second approach is the pay-less-by-using-more approach, where the business attracts customers to use their services.

5. PaaS Offerings

Paas is the category of cloud computing services that offer a computing platform. It is a set of tools and services designed to obtain coding and deploying applications with more efficiency. As AWS is a highly scalable service, it replicates similar methods in accomplished services for backup, database, data-warehousing, transcoding, caching, infrastructure management, application management, and storage. It is helpful for managing the infrastructure and decreasing the time consumed by it. It will help them to grow the overall market by managing the cost.

6.Flexibility & Scalability

Flexibility and scalability are the utmost priority of AWS services, All the services provided by this platform is flexible and scalable. Using these services, you can auto-scale them as per your need. Scalability allows users with an automatic increase or decrease of resource capacity as per the requirements. Whereas flexibility enables businesses to up-scale and down-scale as per their needs. In these cases, You can start and stop any service at any time.

7. Customization

AWS is well known for its customized services all over the globe. It provides a high level of customization of services to the users to full fill the requirement of businesses and organizations. There are multiple customization options like customer-defined tagging that allows customers to smoothly handle specific resources.

8. Application Programming Interface (API)

AWS APIs are accessible in multiple programming languages used to manage the framework by using programming codes. Other services like  CloudRanger, Quintly, and Tango cards help customers to launch new cases, take backups, and use cost-saving features of AWS. Let’s take an example, Quintly offers social media analytics to the platform, CloudRangers is used by the services to understand the visual representations.

9. Security

AWS provides the best data privacy and security services to its customers. If you are running a small business or a large company, It provides extensive security support with suspicious activities and vulnerabilities. They are not charging an additional cost for security services like  IAM (Identity and Access Management) which helps customers to authenticate the resources they are using.


Every organization needs a backup of their data to avoid any business loss. For the recovery of data, Amazon Web Services provides various cloud-based recovery options. With these options, the customer gets the authority to recapture their data and IT infrastructure. If there is some error occurring in one server then it can recover again.