why to choose gcp?

What makes GCP unique? Why should one choose it?

A large portion of companies is shifting their entire infrastructure to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) for utilizing the platform. The growing cost of electricity and demand for scalability led to cloud use. GCP is leading the cloud market with Spotify and Apple using them. Recently, Planet Labs, Evernote, and Lush cosmetics have also jumped upon the bandwagon and opted for Google cloud to meet their specific requirements.

GCP is growing extensively and comes with several features for businesses across the globe. In this blog, we discuss what makes GCP unique and the top 4 reasons you should choose it.

What is the Google Cloud Platform (GCP)?

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) is highly reliable and scalable for its users. It allows computing and storing data to help developers build, test and deploy apps. Google cloud platform covers applications, cloud computing services, storage for mobile, backend, and web solutions using the internet. It has more than four million apps trusting the platform. Many small and large organizations are adopting the Google Cloud Platform to keep their business more secure at affordable prices.

What Makes Google Cloud Platform Unique?

Here are the 4 benefits of the Google Cloud Platform to users.

  • Pay Less

The only reason why Planet Labs shifted to Google was for its affordable pricing. Google provides only one type of pricing plan compared to Amazon’s web service where there are multiple. With Google, you can pay monthly as per your usage. The lowest usage is ten minutes and it is rounded off to the nearest minute.

GCP pricing also features Committed Use Discounts where you can buy a specific amount of vCPUs and memory for up to a 57% discount off a regular price if you use for either one or three years. The additional benefit is that all virtual machines are also included under this feature. It’s extremely different from Amazon in that it offers quite complex plans. Plus, it rounds off to the nearest hour rather than a minute making it a bit pricey.

  • Live Migration

Google provides live migration of virtual machines between host machines to allow businesses to be up and running 24/7 without any interference in performance. The company introduced the service in 2014 for transparent maintenance that combines software and data center innovation with live migration technology to perform proactive maintenance while virtual machines are still running.

Live maintenance helps businesses to repair and update software including security-related programs, without rebooting the machines. It also enables you to do services like sending an email beforehand to mention that the machine will shut down and be reassigned to another host. In case of failures, the company automates restarting the virtual machine so you are online within a few minutes.

  • Big Data

Google stands out from other cloud hosting platforms for its data analytics. Its innovative tools cloud warehousing including Google BigQuery and real-time data processing tools like Google Cloud Dataflow, and Google Cloud Dataproc delivers great insights and data. BigQuery, for instance, helps to manage the entire data warehouse to process massive amounts of data at high speed.

It takes hours of work simple and done within a few minutes. In 2017, Google announced its attention to cloud data analytics and machine learning. The company has also carried out several partnerships with big names like SAP and International bank HSBC that are reliant on big data analytics. Google also introduced a few new machine learning and artificial intelligence tools.

  • Speed

Google leads the market of cloud computing by its high speed. Recently, Google announced investing in a Faster Cable system to provide its Google cloud and Google App customers speed up to 10TBs (Terabits per second). The cable covers the entire US west coast and major cities in Japan. It also connects to major hubs in Asia. The speed helps to improve performance. With super-fast speed to the users, computing and storage work as one. High speed also reduces cost by allowing more data processing in less time.


Google cloud has a significant impact, especially in web and mobile development. It has made things easy and more accessible to app developers. If you want to learn Google Cloud Platform, then consider learning at Linux2cloud. We provide in-depth and quality GCP training and certification courses to gain high-salary jobs across the globe. Contact Linux2cloud for more information.

Why Should You Use Google Cloud Platform?

  1. Higher Productivity Due to Quick Access to Innovation: Google’s system provides updates efficiently and on a weekly basis.
  2. Location Freedom: Employees have the freedom to work from any location. They get access to information across devices through web-based apps powered by the Google cloud.
  3. Google Cloud Provides Quick Collaboration: Work with more teams on a project brings the best results. Luckily, Google allows several users to contribute and access projects at the same time as data is stored in the cloud instead of computers.
  4. Less Disruption When Users Adopt New Functionality: Instead of large disruptive sets of changes, Google provides manageable modifications in a continuous stream.
  5. Less Data Stored on Vulnerable Devices: The data remains in the safe hand as very few are stored on computers so there’s less risk.
  6. High Uptime and Reliability: Even if there’s no availability of the data center, the system instantly falls back on the secondary center without any service interference present to the user.
  7. Google’s Security Protection: Customers utilize process-based and physical security investments made by Google. It employs leading security experts to secure your data.
  8. Control and Flexibility for Users: With control over technology and more ownership over the data in Google apps, customers benefit a ton. Even if customers decide to not use the service anymore, the data can still be driven out from the Google cloud.