Redhat openstack administration iii networking and foundations of nfv cl310

Red Hat OpenStack Administration III: Networking & Foundations of NFV (CL310) course name on blue and green gradient

Course Overview

Red Hat OpenStack Administration III: Networking & Foundations of NFV (CL310) teaches network engineers, network operators, cloud operators, and cloud administrators how to manage and tune Red Hat® OpenStack Platform for network performance.

This course can also help you prepare for the Red Hat® Certified Engineer (RHCE®) in Red Hat OpenStack exam (EX310).

Topics Covered

  • Network functions virtualization (NFV)
  • Distributed virtual router (DVR)
  • Open vSwitch with Data Plane Development Kit (OVS-DPDK) datapath
  • IPv6 networking
  • Single-root I/O Virtualization (SR-IOV)*
  • Software-defined networking (SDN) with OpenDaylight (ODL)
  • VLAN, VXLAN, and GRE networks

SR-IOV is covered in the course as a lecture and a video. The specification is not covered as a hands-on exercise because it requires special hardware.

Who Can be Audience

This course is designed for network engineers, network operators, cloud administrators, and cloud operators.


  • Become a Red Hat® Certified System Administrator (RHCSA), or demonstrate equivalent experience.
  • Complete the Red Hat® Certified System Administrator in Red Hat OpenStack exam (EX210), or demonstrate equivalent experience.


Course Content

  • Manage networks in Linux
  • Manage OpenStack networking agents
  • Deploy IPv6 networks
  • Provision OpenStack networks
  • Implement distributed virtual routing
  • Tune NFV performance
  • Implement NFV data paths
  • Build software-defined networks with Open Daylight

Exam Description

The Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) in Red Hat OpenStack exam (EX310) tests your ability to configure advanced networking in a director-based Red Hat® OpenStack environment.

By passing this exam, you become a Red Hat Certified Specialist, which also counts toward becoming a Red Hat® Certified Architect (RHCA®).

This exam is based on Red Hat OpenStack version 10.

Exam Format

This exam is a performance-based evaluation of Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® OpenStack Platform 10 administration skills and knowledge. You perform a number of routine administration and configuration tasks and are evaluated on whether they have met specific objective criteria.

Performance-based testing means that you must perform tasks similar to what you perform on the job.

This is a single-section exam lasting 3 hours.

Duration: 32 Hours

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