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Microsoft Azure is a cloud-based platform for testing, deploying, and building applications through Microsoft-managed data centers. Microsoft Azure offers customers several tools, and guidance to help them adopt cloud-based technology to accelerate their business outcomes. 

Having Microsoft Azure certifications helps several graduates get better job opportunities in top companies. Since all kinds of companies, whether small, medium, or large are adopting cloud computing. Shifting to cloud platforms helps to cut down companies’ operation costs and reduce risk. Microsoft Azure is one of the biggest names, along with Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web service, and IBM Cloud. New jobs are constantly rolled for Microsoft Azure certified professionals to carry out the new tasks. 

There are simply too many Azure certification benefits for candidates with a keen interest in cloud computing. Microsoft Azure certification is ideal for candidates with a non-technical background, helping you acquire a solid grasp on the basics of cloud storage, security, and many more.

If you are still skeptical about getting a Microsoft Azure certification, check out our list of 7 reasons why you should go ahead. 

1. Multiple Job Opportunity

Getting a Microsoft Azure certification allows you to pursue a variety of career options in cloud computing. Whether you want to opt for being a cloud architect, solution architect, or developer, the certification gives you complete freedom. You also get to work in various industries at different locations, enriching your knowledge and profile. 

With a large number of companies migrating to the cloud for its storage, computing, and networking benefits, a wide range of job opportunities are available in India. You can work in your favorite industry such as healthcare, finance, entertainment, media, or any other with Azure certification. The international demands for Microsoft Azure certified professional is also quite high, especially from countries like United States, UK, France, Finland, and many more. 

2. Great Salary Package

Of course, we were definitely going to talk about the salary. With an official Azure certification, candidates get to flaunt specific technical skills. Helping them get recognition in the technology fields, especially in the IT industry. The average salary for Azure Developers is estimated at ₹6,28,830 in India. 

Outside of India, the average packages start at $136,768 per year. The average salary for an Azure Architect is ₹17,96,115 in India while $152,879 per year in the USA. You can always increase the salary by taking additional courses and climbing the professional ladder by becoming a senior Azure professional. The mentioned salary vary across Indian states, countries, and companies. 

3. Structured Learning

Microsoft Azure certification provides a structured learning approach to tackle the basics of different tools easily. You don’t have to learn each tool, follow a disciplined route to learn the major tools to master the certification. The most common tools including Github, Eclipse, Xcode, and Hadoop are quite easy to learn. Beginners will find it easy to adapt effectively to the platform and use the services provided by Azure with great simplicity and ease. 

Plus, the certification helps you advance your Azure career path with a faster and concise learning path. The certification is easy to obtain, given the easiness of the process. You can also find hundreds of resources online such as free eBooks, tutorial videos, University courses to understand Azure’s theoretical concept. Consider getting a professional training course to strengthen your knowledge and garner the practical experience of using Azure to solve real-life business problems. 

4. DevOps Skills

You can improve your DevOps skills with Microsoft Azure certification. DevOps is one of the latest technologies, prevent in the IT industry. It involves a set of practices where development and operation services are blended to offer better solutions to the customers. Azure offers DevOps connections for developers to create secure applications while also letting them manage and regulate the production process. 

Most processes related to DevOps are automated, making it easy to test apps in different environments and send results to the production department. Having an in-depth knowledge of DevOps is considered an asset in this industry, helping you get better job opportunities. 

5. Security Offering

Azure cloud uses brilliant tools and security protocols such as the Security Development Lifecycle (SDL) to offer exceptional security to all users and their data. It helps to protect users from several cybercrimes. Azure Cloud servers are also considered by the European data protection authorities and have certification of international standards for cloud privacy, ISO 27018. 

Considering Azure impact on safety for users worldwide, it’s a market leader. With a certification in Microsoft Azure, you get to learn these safety protocols and tools to protect the stored data safely. 

6. Net Support

Microsoft Azure obtained .Net coding, one of the oldest in software development to help developers understand and use its functionality in their projects. It’s backed by a great support system, making Microsoft Azure a better alternative than its competitors. 

7. Progressive Career Development

Having a Microsoft Azure certification gets you entry-level jobs, it also opens several senior job roles to candidates. Once you have any or all of Azure’s role-based certification, you get a professional career development boost and recognition in the market. Since the growing demand for Azure cloud services is increasing day by day, the need for Microsoft Azure certified professional are also growing. 

As we mentioned before, Azure certification guarantees a wide range of professional roles such as Azure Administrator, security engineer, data scientist, developer, architect, data engineer, and many more. With the right knowledge, the certification can land you jobs in leading cloud-based companies in India. Not just in the private sector, the government organization is also actively looking for Azure cloud-certified professionals. 

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