Microsoft Azure Exam AZ-104 Online Training

Building a Career in Cloud Computing is the Modern IT World’s Biggest Attraction in 2022, and Certification is Proof of Skills that Increases the Chances of Getting a High Paying Job in the Industry. Microsoft Azure is constantly evolving, and this blog post will teach you everything you need to know about the [AZ-104] Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam.

You’re probably wondering why Azure 104 certification is so important. What domains is it applicable to? What are the eligibility requirements? How should you prepare for it? And so on.

We will discuss the following topics in this blog:

  • What Is Azure Administrator Certification?
  • Who Is This Certification Intended For?
  • Exam prerequisites
  • What Are the Benefits of Learning Azure?
  • The Advantages of Azure Certifications
  • Exam Topics for the AZ-104
  • Exam Preparation Guide


What Is the Azure Administrator Certification Process?

The Microsoft Azure Certification AZ 104 is designed for those who implement, manage, and monitor identity, governance, storage, compute, and virtual networks in a cloud environment. As needed, the Azure Administrator will provision, size, monitor, and adjust resources.

Who Is This Certification Intended For?

People who sell or buy Cloud-based solutions and services or have some involvement with Cloud-based solutions and services.

Anyone with a technical background should validate their administrator-level understanding of Cloud services.

The certification exam improves and demonstrates your skills to potential employers, making you stand out. Learn about the Roles and Responsibilities of a Microsoft Azure Administrator by reading this blog.

Exam Pre-requisite

Although prior knowledge is not required for the [AZ-104] Azure Administrator Certification, it necessitates basic computer networking concepts, which you can pick up along the way.

What Are the Benefits of Learning Azure?

Validates technical skills such as storage, networking, compute, security, and other Microsoft Azure Cloud operations.

The highest-paying information-technology certification in the world.

It recognizes your knowledge, skills, and experience on a global scale.

The organization seeks candidates familiar with Oracle Cloud, AWS, Azure, and other cloud platforms.

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Exam Specifics (AZ-104)

  • Certification Name: AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator 
  • Prerequisites: This course does not have any prerequisites. Microsoft recommends that candidates have at least six months of hands-on Azure administration experience.
  • USD 165.00 for the exam
  • Exam time: 120 minutes
  • The number of questions is 40-60.
  • 700/1000 is the passing grade.
  • English, Chinese (Simplified), Korean, and Japanese are the exam languages.

Exam Topics for the AZ-104

The following are the key domains covered in the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator certification exam:

Manage Azure identities and governance (15-20%)

  • Manage and maintain Azure AD objects
  • Control role-based access (RBAC)
  • Manage subscriptions as well as governance

Implement and manage storage (15-20%)

  • Control storage accounts
  • Data management in Azure Storage
  • Set up Azure files and Azure blob storage.

Deploy and manage Azure compute resources (20-25%)

  • Using Azure Resource Manager templates, you can automate the deployment of virtual machines (VMs).
  • Create and configure virtual machines (VMs).
  • Construct and configure containers
  • Create an Azure App Service and configure it.

Configure and manage virtual networking (25-30%)

  • Set up and manage virtual networking
  • Access to virtual networks must be secure.
  • Set up load balancing.
  • Virtual networking monitoring and troubleshooting
  • Connect your on-premises network to an Azure virtual network.

Monitor and back up Azure resources (10-15%)

  • Azure Monitor can be used to monitor resources.
  • Configure alerts and actions
  • Backup and recovery should be implemented.
  • Observations on Application
  • Site recovery on Azure
  • Vault for Azure recovery services

Exam Retake Procedures

First and foremost, if a candidate fails the exam on the first attempt, they must wait 24 hours before retaking it.

Second, if they fail on the second attempt, they must wait 14 days before retaking the exam.

A candidate may retake the exam a maximum of five times per year.


The exam costs $165 in the United States but varies by country. Visit Microsoft’s official website to register for the [AZ 104] Azure certification exam.

Step-by-Step Instructions for Passing the AZ-104 Exam

This section will find all of the steps you must take to prepare for the AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator exam. These steps will assist you in reducing your preparation time for the AZ-104 exam. Let’s take a look at the golden steps:

  • Go to Microsoft’s Official AZ-104 Exam Page.

Before you begin your preparation, you should go to the official AZ-104 exam detail page on the Microsoft website. This is Microsoft’s most trusted page for sharing up-to-date and accurate exam information.

You can find the essential information on the official exam detail page, including eligibility criteria, exam prerequisites, exam objectives, exam registration fee, and exam scheduling options.

  • Examine the Exam Topics

Each new exam introduces new modules and weights. As a result, it is critical to comprehend the new AZ-104 exam objectives thoroughly. On the official exam detail page, Microsoft provides all information about the weight of various modules.

You can prepare effectively for the exam if you thoroughly understand each domain and module. This act will allow you to concentrate more on the modules that carry a high weight in the exam.

  • Attend Online Training

Online training is one of the most convenient and straightforward methods for preparing for the AZ-104 exam. You will learn the concepts of the exam modules from industry experts in online training courses. Microsoft also offers a free learning portal where you can take online self-paced AZ-104 exam training. Microsoft also offers customized instructor-led training for a fee.

You can also pay for personalized instructor-led training from any other training provider to prepare for exam objectives, but this can be costly.

Online courses can be a good option if you’re looking for a low-cost solution. We recommend Scott Duffy’s AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Exam Certification 2021 guide if you need a recommendation.

  • Online Discussion Forums and Study Groups

Joining study groups and discussion forums for exam preparation should be the first step in your preparation.

Joining study groups and discussion forums allows you to connect with others who are Azure Administrators or are studying for the exam.

On forums, you can get answers to your questions and have your issues resolved. As a result, it is critical to participate in Azure discussion forums and study groups while preparing for the AZ-104 exam.

  • Simulators and mock exams can be used to practise.

In this final step, you can boost your confidence and get everything ready for your AZ-104 exam. When you believe you have exhausted all resources and preparation steps, you should consider using some Good Simulators.

These AZ-104 Simulators are intended to simulate a natural exam environment. You can use the Simulator to identify your strengths and weaknesses, allowing you to improve your weak points.

Numerous websites offer online and desktop simulators for Azure certification, including this one, but we recommend David Mayer’s Microsoft AZ-104 Azure Administrator Simulator because it is a perfect simulator at an affordable price for your AZ-104 exam preparation.

Bottom Line

Based on feedback from the AZ-100, AZ-101, and AZ-103 exams, Microsoft has released AZ-104: Microsoft Azure administrator to simplify the Azure administrator’s path.

If you want to advance your career as an Azure administrator, you can take an online Azure 104, 303, 304 certification course from Linux2Cloud. The certification exam enhances your skills and demonstrates them to potential employers, allowing you to stand out from the crowd.